About Me

Hello, my name is Andre Kaminski.

I am information management specialist and experienced project, program and portfolio manager. My special interests are related to enterprise content management and records management.

With ECM and ERM implementations,  I consider myself a process facilitator, able to assess a situation, note the facts, and chart a pragmatic course to successful implementation across multiple disciplines.

My world travels have taught me that cultural sensitivity is paramount to the way business must be done in the 21st century. Most of my time in business has been spent traveling and living in various countries around the world, including

  • Poland (where I was born)
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • and Canada (my current residence)

This may seem like an odd itinerary for a man who hails from a nation best known for its sausage and a well known religious leader, but extensive travel has taught me that effective communication can overcome a world of differences. If there is a human foible worth making, I have either made it or seen it and I use my experiences in these places to increase the business value of every client with whom I come in contact.

My experiences include working with energy and utilities, finance, insurance, travel, market research, retail to mention just few. I managed projects and programs across whole spectrum from software development, application integration, through product development, change management to enterprise records management implementations.

My Masters Degree in Structural Engineering has proven to be an invaluable asset in my product management capabilities. Product management has the potential to affect the bottom line of any organization in any industry and my knowledge and background in this area has been very valuable to the companies that I have worked with.

As a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and being a Project Management Professional (PMP), as well as AIIM certified ECM, ERM and Sharepoint Specialist,  I have used my skills to bring more value to business processes than some of my clients thought was possible.

The practice of Aikido keeps me focused on my goals, not so that I can beat up on my project adversaries, but so that I can maintain the discipline and focus necessary to help my project colleagues succeed. Some of my recent clients include  BC Hydro, CNN International, Yahoo, Lycos, Infospace, Dimension Data. Among the important positions that I have held in my career is a stint as CIO of NASDAQ listed company. I have held other important positions as well and through it all my communication-based management style has been the glue that holds everything in my life together, from family to martial arts and from hobbies to business.

On a personal note, my family is as important to me as my work and each client’s business as well. I live with my wife and two beautiful children in Vancouver, Canada, the city with a fabulous motto, “By Sea, Land, and Air We Prosper”. Indeed, this is my commitment to every business colleague I endeavor to meet: We will prosper – by sea, by land, by air, or by any legal means necessary.

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