Welcome To RedPoint

Helping Organizations through Delivery of Successful Projects. We assist organizations in Managing Projects and Programs. Our services also include Projects Recovery, Team Training, Processes and Tools Implementations, And Organizational Change Management

Agile And Traditional

We specialize in Agile and Traditional Project Management, including Enterprise Scaled Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Rational Unified Process, XP and PMI based frameworks. We can fit Agile into non-Agile organizations to ensure seamless, trouble free projects.

Processes & Tools

RedPoint has an extensive experience setting up tools and processes that could support organizational teams and provide visibility to senior management. We ensure complete transparency and cultivate communication within organizations.

Information Management

Our expertise on Information Management systems ensures that the specific implementation needs of your organization are met on time. Our services include design and implementation of SharePoint based Document Management, Records Management, Power BI - Business Intelligence Dashboards and Search solutions.

Change Management

Projects succeed only with an in-depth understanding of stakeholders’ needs, agendas and potential influence. We specialize in individual and organizational change management following ADKAR, Kotter’s and Lewin’s models.

Changing the Business - One Project At the Time.

Prosperous business organizations are the combination of three basic elements: People, Processes and Technology. Problems and issues related to these elements must be resolved in a precise manner to ensure success. RedPoint can help organizations create a synergy of these elements. We can assist with development of strategy, change management, setting up processes, supporting tools, delivery and results measurement across various functions within an organization. 

 People - the foundation

It’s been said before, but really –people are the most important asset of any organization. The attitude and performance of the employees play a substantial part in deciding the success or failure of a business.

Processes - The How

Properly implemented processes make deliverables and timelines more accurately predictable. They also lead to a reduction in costs, increased motivation and give the organization a better sense of direction. These well-defined processes are crucial for achieving synergy within an organization.

Technology - The Enabler

Technology must support both teams and processes, by providing a platform for collaboration. It is imperative for organization to invest in technological solutions that can help them improve communication, streamline efficiency of operations, provide security and support, share information and build a viable knowledge base.

Project and Program Management

Projects help organizations achieve maximum return with minimum resources. When well executed, these ensure excellence in accomplishment of business strategy and drive performance. Managing projects is not easy and requires lot of experience as well as the ability to synthesize information from various disciplines. It is both a science and an art.

Change and Team Management

Only organizations that are receptive to change can succeed in the increasingly competitive environment of today. . Change management is a critical although often neglected part of projects, programs and business transformations. Lack of proper and timely change management often leads to active and passive resistance, loss of valued employees, and return to old ways of working.

Processes and Tools

The well-defined processes are key to achieve synergy within an organization. But it is imperative for organizations to invest in supportive and user-friendly tools to ensure that the right processes are being accepted and used. We specialize in designing, planning and rolling out software instruments that ensure the vitality of these processes.

Product Management

Product Management plays an essential role in an organization’s success by steering it towards products in the direction that provides more value to the customers, creating sustainable, competitive advantage, and delivering measurable results. Additionally the agile approach allows for validation of the products early, leading to cost reduction, and quick direction alignment with market requirements.

Information Management

Information Management allows for the collection, management, transformation and distribution of information across an organization. Successful implementation of IM supports business processes within an organization, reducing delivery times, and indirectly ensuring customer satisfaction. If done right, the Information Management creates a foundation for Knowledge Management, giving the organization sustainable competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence allows organizations to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information that helps them with decision making and ensures that the business is on the right track. Sometimes, business intelligence also plays a key role in the identification, development and creation of new opportunities, giving competitive advantage to an organization.